CMIC 2012

Become Buyers

1. How to become buyers?

¡°Buyers¡± function as a way for people in charge of conference institutions to attend CMIC. Persons in charge of meetings organizations, based on the specific requirements of their own meetings, will network via CMIC with corresponding partners, which includes a city¡¯s government departments, conference centers, conference companies, design & construction companies. And buyers can win support from local governments, preferential policies intended for enterprises, services of quality, among other things.

2. Advantages of being buyers

(1)Priority of networking with nearly 50 city-level government departments, conference venues, and service agencies that will present at the convention, plus negotiations for better conditions to hold meetings;
(2)Participation in all programs of this convention;
(3)Access to special gifts and awards given by the CMIC Committee;
(4)Access to gifts and awards offered by conference destinations and providers;
(5)CMIC 2012 buyers will receive MeetingsChina Magazine for 3 consecutive years to come, the title of ¡°Partnership with CMIC¡±, as well as the following services:
   Priority of being invited to attend site inspections, networking, banquets organized by CMIC for over 10 times annually;
   Free services provided by CMIC like policies of conference destinations, venues, facilitators.
   Free receiving the MeetingsChina Magazine and related digital publications.

3. Qualifications for becoming buyers

(1) Hosting organizers and organizers who have specific conference programs deserving networking with partners and providers.
Buyers are mainly composed of :
Style of conferences held by buyers:
   International conferences;
   Domestic conferences;
   Various activities.
(2) Enjoying certain decision-making authority or advice-offering power.
(3) Willingness to abide by rules set by CMIC.

4. Becoming buyers and relevant procedures
(1) Filling out application form for buyers;
(2) Receiving the notice of participation in CMIC 2012 for buyers;
(3) Obtaining materials on conference destinations and providers, and selecting networking targets: if a request approved, detailed time for a meeting will be negotiated and decided under the time framework of 9:00 AM to 17:00 PM, Nov. 30, 2012;
(4) Buyers can also choose to attend the meeting ¡°Conference Programs Co-operation Networking Workshop¡±, during which buyers set up different booths according to varying categories, while conference destinations and providers seek potential buyers to conduct negotiations based on their own characteristics;
(5) Attending the plenary session (9:30-11:30 AP on Nov. 29, 2012), and large evening galas like ¡°Reception for Buyers¡± and ¡°Green Conference, Green China¡± as requested;
(6) Participating in other activities tailored to self needs;




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