CMIC 2012

How to participate in the event?

1. Participation method for conference planning firms (free of charge):

(1) Conference planning firms are mainly composed of hosts and organizers, including:
   ¡¤Government Organizations;
(2) For information about becoming buyers, please refer to ¡°Become Buyers¡±.
(3) Participation in the event needs registration beforehand, with specific procedures shown below:
   ¡¤Filling out registration table;
   ¡¤Waiting for notice from the Conference Committee;
   ¡¤Participation in the event.
Representatives can get access to the following services free of charge:
   ¡¤Attending the event;
   ¡¤Brochures or other conference-related materials;
   ¡¤Meals, drinks and other things intended for participants. For specific information, please refer to the notice;
   ¡¤Other services;

2. Approach for destinations & providers to join the event

(1) Destinations & Providers mainly include:
   ¡¤Tourism Administrations, Convention & Exhibition Offices, Commercial Bureaux, Commissions for Trade Promotion, Associations for Conference and Exhibition, and so on;
   ¡¤Conference centers & Hotels, Conference Groups, and Travel Groups;
   ¡¤Conference & Travel Companies;
   ¡¤Technique Supporters;
   ¡¤Conference Design & Construction;
   ¡¤Transport & Tourism Services;
   ¡¤Conference & Exhibition Tourism Education and Training;
   ¡¤Other Service Supporters.

(2) Approach for participation
   ¡¤Participate in the Event
    Price for each attendee is RMB 3500, covering fees for meals (lunch and Supper on Nov. 28th and 29th, 2012, as well as lunch on the 30th, 2012), and fees for conferences and materials.
    Package Price of Appointment for each attendee is RMB 5500, covering fees of the Conference and the Fair for one person.
    Attachment: Registration Table for Destinations and Supporters to Attend the Conference
   ¡¤Participate in the Conference by booth renting (For detailed information, please refer to ¡°Participate in the Exhibition¡±)


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