CMIC 2012

Forum on the Meetings Industry New Media & New Technologies: Let New Media & New Technologies Boost the Take-off of Conferences


The Fifth China Meetings Industry Convention (CMIC 2012) has been held at CNCC ceremoniously. Incorporated into the framework of this convention, several sub-forums were successfully launched concurrently, attracting many people within the conference industry at home and abroad. The successful launching of the Forum on the Meetings Industry New Media & New Technologies, entitled Let New Media & New Technologies Boost the Take-off of Conferences, overwhelmed all participants with refreshing audiovisual technologies.

This forum was co-hosted by Zhou Yuning, Editor-in-chief of Conference and Exhibition Division of China Economic Net, and Gu Xuebin, General Manager of Info Salons. The former anchored the speech part, while the latter the dialogue program. During the forum, Xiong Jian, General Manager of Huelead Beijing Office, Dai Min, CEO of EventMOBO, Fan Peikang, President and Editor-in-chief of China Trade News also joined the dialogue, with focus placed on traditional media & technologies VS new media & technologies. More importantly, Mr. Xiong Jian illustrated the past 20-year development of media and technologies, and vividly dubbed it as ¡°the previous and present life of audiovisual technologies of meetings & exhibitions¡±.

Excerpts of Speeches:
¡°Not a single conference would be successful without strong support of a well-established database,¡± said Mr. Gu Xuebin. He went on saying that ¡°It¡¯s reasonable to collect information of great importance in legal and rational approaches, before China Law of Privacy get complete. Should this fail, the costs would pile up sharply.¡±


The development of media technologies has pushed the meetings industry. The things discussed by the above-mentioned guests, be it the internet, audiovisual technologies or video, have broken the boundaries of time and place, not to mention the emergence of new media like Weibo and WeChat which have brought the interaction of conference to an amazingly new level.

¡°As a newbie in the meetings community, I have found out some issues. Traditional conferences are supposed to face some constraints in information management, dissemination and communication. As a matter of fact, those traditional meetings largely depend on paper and manual power. And this low efficiency would get the conference much more complicated as well as swollen costs.¡± said Mr. Dai Min.

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