CMIC 2012

To know CMIC 2012 through mobile phone

A mobile, friendly website powered by ¡°EventMOBO¡± serving the CMIC 2012 has been launched to the internet, which, to a large extent, will promote attendees to know about the convention¡¯s development so as to facilitate their involvement, and offer an interesting experience as well.
¡°EventMOBO¡±, the mobile event portal in quickly organizing, disseminating, and managing conferences, is a one-stop service platform ever made in China. Attendees can get to know information such as the conference agenda, guests, conference hotels, and appoint programs through ¡°EventMOBO¡±, and the specific way of using this technology is as follows:
   1. Typing in the address in the internet browser of a phone to get linked;
   2. Scanning the two-dimensional code straightforward;

An app leading to a complete set of information regarding the conference and on-the-spot interaction through Sina Weibo (literally "Sina Microblog") can be reached with either of the above two methods.


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