CMIC 2012

Who Will Attend the Meeting?

CMIC 2012 Attendees Makeup



Conference Organizers: Over 1100 conference planners and organizers will become ¡°professional buyers¡±, ¡°buyers¡± or ¡°potential buyers¡± in this forthcoming CMIC 2o12. Of all 1700 representatives, 1100 will be various conference planners, among which association accounts for the largest share, standing at 62%, while corporations and government institutions occupy 32% and 6% separately. A large portion of those conference planners will purchase, and therefore become ¡°buyers¡± or ¡°potential buyers¡±. Besides, the hosts will also promote networking workshops between these planners and exhibitors through the ¡°Promotion Plan for On-site Co-operation Networking¡±


Conferences and Incentives: Nearly 300 representatives from conferences and incentives companies are going to make the most valuable ¡°professional buyers¡±, ¡°buyers¡± or ¡°potential buyers¡±, during this convention.


Representatives from Conference Centers, Conference Hotels, and Convention Cities: Present at this meeting will be approximately 300 conferences and incentives destinations, conference centers, hotel groups, travel groups, conference hotels, technologies, scenic spots, tourism, transport, and so on.

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