Who Are Meeting Planners?

Firms and persons that is responsible for hosting or organizing meetings.


Who Are Hosted Buyers?

Meeting planners who are required to make and attend appointments per day with all factors of meetings industry as scheduled by CMIC 2013 committee


Benefits of Attending CMIC 2013

  1 Strategy Planning
    ·Learn more about general environment of meetings industry and its trend.
    ·Learn more about influence of “the Eight Regulations” on meetings industry and its solutions
  2 Collecting More Policies on Incentives in China and Abroad
    ·Networking with tens of CVBs to learn the most advanced policies
  3 Enlightening and Inspiring
    ·Interchanging opinions with peers to widen your mind
  4 Be More Professional and Efficient as a Meeting Planner
    Networking with peers to share experience mutually
    An array of professional forums to help enhance your meeting planning ability
  5 Expand your Social Circles
    ·Networking with peers and expanding your social circles
    ·Making more professional friends and awaking your fullest potential
  6 Cooperation through Matchmaking, and Development through Cooperation
    ·Learning more CVBs or venues from around world


Rights and Obligations of Meeting Planners:

 ·Register and attend over 20 events and networking (except for special events for hosted buyers)
   ·Complimentary CMIC 2013 materials
   ·Complimentary lunch of simple meal (Dec. 3-4)
   ·Networking and Matchmaking with exhibitors and attendees from over 20 countries and areas



 ·You are events and incentive planners at an organization, including associations, corporations or public institutions, and are responsible for incentives or meeting planning and management, etc.
   ·You are the person in charge of meeting and incentives planning, management and service, etc.



   ·Fill out Registration Form and send it to CMIC 2013 committee for confirmation
   ·Once your Registration Form is Confirmed, CMIC 2013 committee will send special staff to you for all following-up issues.



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