4-in-1 Matchmakings

  1. Introduction

    There are two types of Matchmaking -- On-site Matchmaking and Pre-arranged appointment; both are key events and are strongly recommended by committee of CMIC 2013. As the most effective way to build bridges between meeting planners and hotels, matchmakings show its importance and vitality among events and networking of CMIC 2013

一、Meetings and Incentive Fair (On-Site Matchmaking)
Date: 14:00-16:30, Dec., 3
Venue: Appointment Area, Plenary Hall A, FL4
Attendance: Ticket
Type of Matchmaking: go with buyer’s stand pattern holding respectively at standard matchmaking area and high-end and large-scale conference area
Make-up of buyers: associations, corporations, governments and others
Number of buyers: around 180


  1.    1、 Meetings and Incentive Fair (On-Site Matchmaking) goes with Buyer’s Stand pattern
  2.    2、The committee of CMIC 2013 will provide buyers’ purchasing plans to hotels in advance in order to achieve a more accurate, timely and efficient matchmaking.
  3.    3、Get Buyer-Location-Map to find your potential buyers
  4.    4、Entering the venue on time to get priority to meet your targeted buyers
  5.    5、 Sending experienced negotiators to the fair
   6、Making incisive self-introduction to outline your strength

Pre-arranged appointment
Date: 09:00-17:30, Dec. 2-4
Venue: Exhibition Area
Attendance: Booth
  Type of Matchmaking: Buyers to go to booth for matchmaking as appointed
  Make-up of buyers: associations, corporations, governments and others  Number of buyers: around 170

  1.     1、Committee of CMIC 2013 will set out the special exhibition areas for every specific region as a whole. The booths of government institutions and associations of the specific region will be set out with these who come from the same region.
  2.     2、Register as soon as possible to get ideal location and priority to choose buyers
  3.     3、Good booth-setting and design, attractive materials and gifts
  4.     4、Arrange experienced staffs for communication, consulting and reception
    5、Image presentation is recommended for more eye-catching


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