New Exploring, New Opportunities and New Prospects of Meetings Industry—New Interpretation of Theme of CMIC 2013

As the “Eight Regulations” comes in force, what China’s meeting industry will do to face the new challenges and opportunities? How all factors in China’s meeting industry chain shall make repositioning in pursuit of development in future? Thus CMIC 2013‘s theme is “New Exploring, New Opportunities and New Prospects of Meetings Industry”, which will be viewed by totally 1,700 attendees from around China.

New exploring
As the most influential platform of China’s meeting industry, CMIC invites special guests from governmental administrations, meeting firms and venue runners to talk about new situations and problems emerged recently.
According to relevant data, most of hotels (3-stars or higher) suffered a drastic reduction in both rental rate and convention earnings. Thus, what to do to recover convention economy and to create new business model become the key topics for discussion in CMIC 2013.

New Opportunities
Though there is growing concern about that governments or state-own enterprise’s reduction in meeting spending, the thriving association and corporations meeting market brings new energy into industry. Going to the market will be the only choice for China’s meeting industry. While Opportunities are only given to those who are well-prepared!
With its strong platform effect, CMIC launches the double-matchmaking model of “on-site matchmaking and pre-arranged appointment” to create more business opportunities for attendees

New Prospects

hough the great potential of China’s meeting industry has attracted attentions from around the world, it is still on its beginning stage and has noticeable difference in quality with its counterparts abroad. The future of China’s meetings industry will be a way toward Internationalization, marketization, branding and professionalization. How to meet the trend of it? Over 30 events of CMIC will enlighten you in the case.

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