“Double-matchmaking” Model

For exhibitors and meeting planners, image presentation and new customer acquisition are their key aims. CMIC has built an integrated platform to meet their needs at its best. And this year’s CMIC 2013 launches the new “double-matchmaking” model of“on-site matchmaking and pre-arranged appointment” to help attendees to find more business opportunities.

On-site matchmaking is that buyers set up a stand waiting for appointed attendees, the latter shall enter the venue on time to get priority to meet its selected buyers.

And Pre-arranged appointment is that committee of CMIC 2013 will arrange unified exhibition area for exhibitors coming from the same region. While exhibitors need to register as early as possible in order to choose ideal location for booth to attract qualified buyers, and then match your potential buyers on-line, and finally meet them at your booth during the convention.

No matter what types of matchmaking is used, discussing face to face with qualified partners is the basic purpose of every attendee. According to committee of CMIC 2013, qualified buyers account for over 1/3 of attendees, and 70 % of them are new comers. Members of buyer group, coming from around China with strong decision power, will meet attendees with serious business purpose and large number of purchasing plans.

And the committee of CMIC 2013 warmly suggests all attendees attending the events and networking as well as keeping eyes on CMIC 2013’s official web, Weixin and App for latest information and news of CMIC 2013. And if there is any promotions held by the same region or place as where you are from, please attendee in to expand your brand influence.

For more information please visit www.meetingschina.com/cmic2013/

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