CMIC 2013:Influential Biz Platform Built by the Powerful Alliance

You will have an appointment with CMIC 2O13 from 2-4 of Dec., at CNCC in Beijing. Thanks for the experience gathered from the previous 5 editions, the 6th of CMIC (CMIC 2013) will be started at a higher level. Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development and MeetingsChina magazine, as the host and organizer, have a perfect co-operation for the convention and dedicate to build up a Live-Up-to-Expectation platform.

Powerful Business Platform
Development of CMIC depends greatly on support from governments, technology companies, media; all of them are strong boosts. And a array of governmental administrations and offices have participated in, and old partners such as ASAE, HRH Communications, Trend, MCI, Info Salon, CTS MICE are still providing their support in communication technology, and Expo.Ce.cn will broadcast live of CMIC 2013. More than 30 partners will see together with attendees the new future and development of China’s meetings industry.

Powerful Buyer Group
There will be over 1,700 attendees at CMIC 2013, around 1/3 of whom are hosted buyers with strong purchasing power of 10,000 meeting and event plans. According to our survey, that 60% of attendees have attended CMIC in 3 consecutive years, which proves that platform of CMIC is needed to China’s meetings industry. Of course for meeting conventions and hotels and incentive firms, they wish to meet more new buyers, and the need is also be matched in CMIC 2013—70% of buyers are new comers this year and both old buyers and new comers are equipped with strong purchasing power and serious business attitude.

As attendees all have strong need to make face-to-face talk with their potential business-makers, CMIC 2013 has newly initiated double-matchmaking model (on-site matchmaking and pre-arranged appointment) .
Please keep your eyes on it.


CCMP Education
China Certified Meetings Professional (CCMP), Co-hosted by Education and Training Center of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and MeetingsChina Magazine, is China’s first professional education for meeting planners. In the international meeting industry, there are ten of thousand professionals equipped with authorized certificate of CMP (Certificated Meetings Professional) in US- the most developed meeting market.


CCMP focuses not only on professionalism, but also on driving the development of enterprise. The qualified participants will be issued with CCMP certificate by Education and Training Center of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China. Personal information of qualified participants can be found at official web of the Education and Training Center or at www.ccchinaol.com run by MeetingsChina magazine.


The theme of CMIC 2013 is New Exploring, New Opportunities and New Prospects of meetings Industry—in order to outline concept of “New”, committee of CMIC 2013 has made some adjustment to the content to let old comers feel have new experience in the convetion.

Please visit official web of CMIC 2013 at www.meetingschina.com/cmic2013/ for more details

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