Articles of Association of MICE Purchasing CommitteeMPC-China

Chapter One General Provisions

Article 1
The name of the organization is MICE Purchasing Committee-China (hereinafter to be referred as MPC-China)
Article 2
MPC-China, co-founded by China Meetings Industry Convention (CMIC) and senior purchasing executives of key corporations China and abroad, is an organization formed by professional meeting-purchasing buyers, whose members are composed of senior executives responsible for meeting planning and purchasing.
Article 3
The Purposes of MPC-China:

 1. To promote cooperation and communication within the committee;

 2. To promote cooperation and communication between the committee and meeting-related constitutions China and abroad;

 3. To enhance the committee members’ ability to purchase, plan and manage meetings;

 4. To help build interactive and cooperative mechanism between the committee members and MICE destinations, middle and lower reaches of meetings industry;

 5. To help the committee members master more meeting resources and lower down the purchase cost.

Article 4
MPC-China is a nonprofit organization sponsored by China Meetings Industry Convention (CMIC).
Chapter Two Objectives
Article 5
MPC-China’s objectives include (but are not limited to ):

1. To promote Cooperation and Communication within the Committee

 1)To build the platform for information sharing and business expanding for the committee members;

 2)To hold regular committee meetings and events, including member salon et al;

 3)To conduct market survey, statistics and researching, and to share the results;

2. To improve Professional Competence and Integrate Meetings Resources

 1)To hold professional trainings to improve professional competence and marketing operation ability;

 2)To establish communication and to hold fam tours to various related bodies China and abroad, including CVBs, MICE service companies, hotel chains et al, in order to generate more opportunities of business expanding and information sharing.

Chapter Three Membership

Article 6
The committee is composed of individual members. And No admission fee is required. The membership requirements are as followed:

 1. Professional executives responsible for meeting planning and purchasing in corporations;

 2. Annual amount of meeting purchasing is no less than 5 million RMB.

Article 7
Participation Process:
 1. To submit Participation Application;
 2. Secretariat shall review and approve in accordance with the articles;
 3. The applicant shall promise to abide by the regulations in principles;

 4. Secretariat shall complete the registration and issue the certificate.

Article 8
Membership Rules:

 1. To improve professional competence, management ability and innovation capability on a continuing basis;

 2. To promote cooperation and communication between the committee members and related bodies China and abroad in order to generate mutual support and common enhancement;

 3. To advocate honesty and do not conduct bad practices that blemishes the Committee’s image;

 4. To support all activities held by the Committee, including meetings, events, market surveys and statistics et al, and to contribute to committee’s development.

Article 9
Members of the committee shall enjoy the following rights:

 1. To rise up suggestions and advices on development and work of the committee, and to examine and criticize for it as well;

 2. To receive latest information on market trend and business cooperation through information sharing platform;

 3. To attend professional training and other events held by the committee;

 4. To receive publications and e-version readings as well as opportunity to be promoted at the committee’s official website for free;

 5. To participate various surveys, statistics organized by the committee, and share with the result of these activities;

 6. To participate and to quit on a voluntary basis;

 7. To take part in award voting and to receive awards;

 8. Others

Article 10
Members of the committee shall perform the following obligations:
 1. To obey the Articles of Association, and to protect reputation of the committee;
 2. To follow the principles of senior-leading and mutual support;
 3. To attend meetings and events of China Meetings Industry Convention (CMIC);
 4. To accept other tasks commissioned by the committee
Article 11
Any member who violates the principles shall be removed from the registration after approved by the committee


Chapter Four Organizational Form


Article 12
1. MPC-China shall establish the council, and members of the council shall be elected by members. The council works as an advisory and coordinating organ;
2. MPC-China shall establish an array of special branches in due time, including association purchasing branch, MICE service company branch, MICE venue branch and technology and equipment branch et al;
3. MPC-China shall establish secretariat responsible for membership management, coordination, service and event planning et al. And the secretariat shall be located at organizing committee of China Meetings Industry Convention(CMIC)


Chapter Five Supplementary Provisions


Article 13
The interpretation of these articles shall be the responsibility of council of the committee
Article 14

The article shall go into effect as of the date approved by general assembly of the committee


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