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How to Take Part in the Fair and the Pre-arranged Appointment Program?

1. Introduction to the Fair

(1). Meetings and Incentives Fair

Time: 14:00-17:30, Nov 29, 2012.
Site: Area A, Plenary Hall
Participation: Buying tickets
Appointment: Buyers-meet-suppliers. There will be standard appointment area & appointment area for high-end and large conferences.
Buyers: Associations, corporations, government organizations and others.
Number of buyers: 180

(2). About the Pre-arranged Appointment Program

Time: 09:00-17:30, Nov 30, 2012.
Site: Exhibition booth
Participation: Renting booth
Appointment: At the exhibition booth
Buyers: Associations, corporations, municipal organizations and others.
Number of buyers: 300

(3). What About the Fees?

1¡¢ Participating the Conference: 3,500 RMB for each attendee
Participating the Fair: 2,500 RMB for each attendee
Package price: 5,500 RMB for each attendee
2¡¢ Packageprice of Pre-arrangement Appointment: 28,800 RMB (including two participants for the Conference and the Fair, one advertisement page on the CMIC 2012 Brochure, one booth of 3m*3m with over 10 appointments.)

2. Approach of attending the Fair

(1) Meetings and incentives fair (Nov. 29, 2012)
Participation method:
   ¡¤Buying the entrance ticket, RMB 2500 per person;
   ¡¤Package price being RMB5500 per person, covering fees of conference and appointment programs;
   ¡¤Buying a booth, RMB 28800 per person for a standard booth;
   ¡¤Buying a special decoration booth.
(2) Pre-arranged appointment program
   ¡¤Buying a booth, RMB 28800 per person for a standard booth;
   ¡¤Each booth expected to have at least ten appointments with conference buyers;
   ¡¤Buying a special decoration booth;
   ¡¤Specific number of appointments with conference buyers to be determined.

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