CMIC 2012

CMIC 2012 Invitation Letter

Distinguished guests of the meetings industry,
   Thank you for coming.
   The 5th CMIC 2012 will be held soon. On behalf of the Conference Committee, I¡¯d like to express our heart-felt gratitude to all friends within the meetings industry for your consistent help and support. In the meantime, I¡¯m going to invite you to attend our forthcoming CMIC 2012 to find out new changes in China¡¯s conference industry, with the final view to jointly seeking new opportunities for development through mutual learning, discussion, exchange, and networking.
The upcoming CMIC 2012 spares no effort to build an international conference brand for China¡¯s meetings industry and to construct a high-level, comprehensive platform facilitating learning, communication and co-operation within the conference industry, so as to push forward China¡¯s meetings industry to develop towards internationalization, brand establishment, and professionalization.
CMIC has ushered in on its 5th year¡¯s development. To some extent, it is the very witness of the growth of China¡¯s meetings industry. Varying national conditions leads to different development pathways for the meetings industry, which therefore makes it a long-standing goal for conference organizers that how to build a platform capable of meeting the needs of high-level exchange and cooperation. Cheerfully, from the outset, CMIC has been receiving help from enthusiastic friends, and it is their support and trust that has enabled us to surmount various hurdles along the way. Since the 5th CMIC will be held, I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all of you.

Benefiting from China¡¯s continuous and rapid socio-economic development, China¡¯s meetings industry is surging forward with great momentum. Let¡¯s embrace its bright future.



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