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Association Meetings Forum: Organizing Splendid Meetings, Focusing Conference Intelligence


Statistics show that over 150 VIPs in charge of associations, conference firms, as well as conference centers attended the Association Meetings Forum which was jointly organized by Huang Jianyin, Vice-secretary-general of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Society, and Zhang Zhonglian, Conference Director of China International Conference Center for Science and Technology (CICCST). Besides, distinguished speechmakers present at this forum includeD He Jian, Director General of China International Conference Center for Science and Technology (CICCST), Yao Hong, Deputy General Manager of China International Travel Service Limited (CITS), Huang Fengrong, Deputy Secretary General, Association of China Industrial Newspapers, Song Zhuo, Director of AcrossChina Communication, and Richard Rheindorf, Deputy Managing Director of MCI China. These guests got their opinions across to other peers from varying points like promotion, marketing and planning of conferences and its relations with cities. Not only that, they also conducted in-depth discussions. The following are excerpts.

¡°The international S&T conference is a high-level intelligent activity characterized by large scale, high density, high degree of professionalism, and convenient channels for communications,¡± noted Mr. He Jian. ¡°Experts and scholars present at this forum communicated with each other, during which some new doctrines or scientific notions were introduced. It¡¯s safe to say that international S&T conferences have become one of the most important and efficient forms in international S&T communications, and have drawn world¡¯s attention accordingly. Last but not least, they have exerted direct impact on boosting local industries and socioeconomic development of the place where they are convened.¡±

Mr. Huang Fengrong, Deputy Secretary General, Association of China Industrial Newspapers, said at the forum that ¡°Activities should be designed to inspire people. Besides, it¡¯s crucial to make accurate predictions and analysis of the market so as to get things organized and prepared, and this is what needs to be dealt with to increase attraction. As we plan and organize meetings, exhibitions, forums and the like, we first and foremost should need foster attraction to enterprises, local governments, and parties with potential to hold meetings. This topic is of great concern to everyone, and even can serve as a breakthrough for the Central Government to do currently or in the near future.¡±

¡°The success of a conference is in itself a good topic, one that is in line with the development of social development and has appeal to many conference players. But this couldn¡¯t deny the important roles of speechmakers. In the international community, there exist speakers bureaus, which unfortunately are not seen in China or hasn¡¯t been under commercial operation, if really have. Nevertheless, some Chinese companies are currently engaged in the agglomeration of speakers bureaus. Yes, it¡¯s better be called agglomeration rather than founding,¡± said Ms. Yao Hong. ¡°Here we also need to pay attention to the massive roles played by speakers bureaus, which is true no matter in the Europe or the US. As a result, with a good topic and excellent speechmakers, a conference is pretty much attracting, which directly apply positive influence on the registration that is decisive, considering its role in deciding costs for a conference.¡±

Ms. Song Zhuo maintained that ¡°Associations function as a platform on which the meetings industrial resources are integrated horizontally and vertically. They help build professional brands, lead the development of the whole industry. Besides, they also facilitate participants to realize commercial and other goals. To sum up, associations are such a platform causing consonance among attendees.¡±

¡°With respect to associations, they can help new members develop new markets. The annual convention is important for associations, because most members would like to use this opportunity to get together, so that they could communicate with governmental departments and research organizations on one hand, and voice out their support for some initiatives and other amazing things on the other hand, considering these activities could hardly reach those organs any other time,¡± said Mr. Richard Rheindorf.

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